These are the answers to some commonly asked questions about Whale Sacs!

How can I get sponsored?

We are currently not accepting new applications. We have a small team because we are a small business and in order to take care of each of our team members as much as possible, we unfortunately have to limit the number of players we take. If you love team whale sacs, please keep following us on Facebook and Instagram for future openings and a #whalesacs in your posts will always draw our attention when the time comes!

Are the patterns on your site all that you have in stock?

Currently what is on the website is all we are able to sell online. If you are attending a tournament that the Oakley’s will be vending at, there will likely be different designs and a lot more products available including discs, coffee and other hats!

What is inside of a Whale Sac?

The filling is a simple clay stone and powder, no other ingredients. The collection location of the clay varies so you may see slight color differences with different Whale Sacs.

My Whale Sac isn’t producing much dust, is something wrong?

Whale Sacs take a little time to “beat in”. Roll the whale between your palms applying pressure until you start to see the clay breathe through the fabric. They get better the more you use them so don’t be shy! As you use the Whale Sac, more of the stones will slowly break into powder (instead of all coming out at once) which lengthens the time you can use it!

Do you make custom Whale Sacs?

YES! We do! However, we have a minimum order of 24 whale sacs per design. You can order and find more information on customs here.

Can you make just one custom Whale Sac?

Hmmmm one whale to rule them all… Unfortunately, we can’t do single whales, buying fabric for just one Whale Sac would take more time and money then producing multiples! We are always coming out with new designs and everyone once and while throwing in the OGs.

What if my Whale Sac breaks?

NOOOOOOOOOOO… This is one of the worst things to happen, it’s like buying an ice cream and having it fall off the cone as soon as you take a step! We want all of our customers to be satisfied! Sometimes with “misuse” or accidents a Whale Sac can tear, if this happens to you, reach out to us via email at and we will likely replace it on a case by case basis. The most common accident is pulling down on the whale body while attempting to tighten the knot once tied on, be cautious to pull only on the tail to tighten your Whale Sac onto your bag! We do not guarantee the replacement of every Whale Sac, but if it is a fresh Whale Sac that breaks, we are very reasonable about keeping our customers happy.

What do I do if my Whale Sac gets wet?

When retrieving your disc from the water hazard leave your Whale Sac on land! The best thing to do if your Whale Sac gets wet is to leave it in a dry place for a day. If you’re in a hurry you could try placing it in front of a fan or even your car dash with the vents on! They even get a little better after they get a little bit wet.

Can I clean my Whale Sac? How?

So, you used your Whale Sac too much and now it’s dirty? Well we like to hear that and yes you can clean it! We haven’t found the exact science to cleaning the Whale Sacs! However, we have found that soap and water in a small bowl with the use of a tooth brush (soft bristle) does take of some of the grit and grime. Others have said oxy-clean or a variant of has also worked for them. After done washing/scrubbing let air dry! Don’t over-soak it or the clay will soak into the fabric.

Do you sell wholesale?

We thought you’d never ask, we’ve been waiting to get Whale Sacs in your store!

Once there you can select the one-time wholesale order 15, 20, or 25, etc. and we will send you an assortment of Whale Sacs. 

Will you sponsor/donate to my tournament?

We try to support as many tournaments as we can, and we do so by donating our Tournament Whale package which consist of four Whale Sacs. Unfortunately, we can’t say yes to everyone and A LOT of people ask! The best way is to give us a couple months’ notice and email your request to