2017 Season – Changes, Learning, Opportunities

2017 is here and it feels drastically different than last year.  Last year was the beginning of an amatuer tour on my own with a still small business. This year is the beginning of a full scheduled professional tour in my newish motorhome, with a large inventory, a co-pilot, Eric, and a handful of companies showing amazing support in what I’m doing.  Although I felt accomplished last year as I had quit my job and committed my life to disc golf, it’s a whole new feeling of success.  Not only am I doing it, I’m making progress in my game, in my business, in my relationships with other golfers, and I can’t wait to see what else will come this year.

For starters, I have a new bag, new discs and a new outlook on what it means to be a professional disc golfer.  I’ve fell in love with the discs in my bag and I have confidence in my discs that I’ve been waiting to find for about 6 months since the robbery.  Not only did I find confidence in the discs I throw, but I’m able to pick up new discs and really understand what they do, if they’d be useful for me, and what slot they could fill in my bag.  There was a long period of time last year that I was so uncomfortable in my form and my self-doubt, that I had lost that feeling.  I’m so happy to be back, and better.

Last weekend I played my first tournament of the season The Maricopa Meadows Open.  The first day was intense wind of which I had never played in with my new discs but I’m happy to say, I had bagged a Defender, Felon and Justice – all overstable discs.  Only 1 or two holes we played (out of 27) presented us with a tail wind, so in a headwind, I threw primarily those discs and played as safe as possible with some really bad luck, and ended up carding a 902 rated round.  The next day I was on lead card with Catrina and another great prodigy player Vanessa Van Dyken.  I know to play safe golf at this course because there is a lot of OB and skinny fairways, but just a few holes in, after some bad shots into the water, I found myself analyzing Catrina’s form.  If you haven’t watched this girl play, you should.  She can throw, with very little apparent effort, over 400 ft and I couldn’t help watch and try to figure out why.  I was aware last year that I was moving up to Open to learn, and although this year, I still have SO much to learn, I also know that if I just play my game and play where I am comfortable, I really do have a shot at cashing and playing well.  BUT  I let myself down a little bit at this tournament, I tried to apply what I was learning in the middle of a competitive round.  I was trying to throw further, when I knew that I just need to get to a safe place, throw an upshot and tap out.  The good thing is that I will not let this experience go without benefit. Instead, starting the next afternoon, I began distance training.  I have done field work multiple times per week, and played virtually every day, but I started to get lazy in the “form” department.  I learned the discs, I have good form, now let’s make it better.  I know so many women and men that want perfect form, that want to throw further and I assure you, even at a higher level, you’re still wanting for more but it won’t come without practice.  So, I encourage, as usual, to get out into a field, throw over and over and over, and record yourself doing so.  Take a friend, or a local pro, or someone that might be better than you, and get some advice.  You can learn so much from these sessions, even short ones.

I am a resource as well.  Although I am learning too, and always will be, don’t be afraid to reach out, send me a video of your form.  I’d love to help in any way I can.  Stay tuned for more videos from me about form, follow-through, footwork, etc.  I want to build a library of helpful hints for beginners and anyone trying to get better.

Thanks for listening ya’ll.
This is going to be a HUGE year.  And if you haven’t yet, go follow Eric and I on the WhalePants Facebook page for free clinics near you!  Also, we have fundraiser WhalePants mini’s – top right of this page you can find a donation button!  Thanks to all of my amazing sponsors! Dynamic Discs, Booom, The Nati, Launchpad!!

Frisbees, Rv’s, Dreams coming true,

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